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Let's get physical - check out these pledge rewards!


Dear Pathfinders!

Digital distribution is great. When you want a new game in this day and age, it's usually just one click away, then you're instantly downloading it. No need to go to the shop, hope it's still in stock, queue up to pay, it's all nice and hassle-free. After all, if you want a glass of water, you don't get your jug and walk down to the village well. You turn on the tap. 

With that in mind, some gamers do miss the physical side of the experience. Getting something you can touch and feel, something to remind you of and connect you to a game you care about, to bring back memories of adventures in a virtual realm. Some of us just like to have something in the real world that we can touch and that we associate with the games we love. Makes them feel a little more real. 

This is why we offered physical rewards and add-ons to you, our backers. Those among you, who pledged for tiers, which include physical rewards may be wondering how these goodies are coming along. So today's update is dedicated to some of these sweet, sweet items you'll be getting. Let's have a look, shall we?

The Artbook


Pathfinder: Kingmaker is full of weird and wonderful creatures and characters, magical weapons and armors, class outfits, spells and, perhaps most importantly, the landscapes of the harsh and unforgiving Stolen Lands. And if you've pledged for the physical version of our artbook, then you can look forward to enjoying hundreds of lovingly-crafted concept images, sketches and drawings of all that and so much more on 175 pages in a beautiful hardcover book. 

The Dice


Check out these bad boys! When playing at the table, the dice rule over everything - disarm or spring a trap, hit or miss a monster, barely scratch a foe or cleave them asunder with a mighty critical hit. Life or death. We can't guarantee you'll crit any harder or more often with this becautiful dice-set made of brass. But even if you screw up your difficulty checks, you'll be doing so in style. Here is a 3D-model of the dice.


Time to retire those shoddy plastic dice. Get classy! Bring on the brass! 

The cloth map of the Stolen Lands


You asked for a cloth map, we give you a cloth map - 42 x 88 centimeters, made of grey flax. You will never get lost in the Stolen Lands again with this beauty! You may get murdered by bandits, eaten by wyverns or flayed alive by a bunch of crazy cultists, but not once will you feel lost!

Show it off to your friends when you play the Kingmaker Adventure Path in tabletop. Decorate your personal gaming space with it. Wear it as a cape and confuse people at the local shopping mall. We're not telling you how to live your life. We're not even your real mother!

The miniatures

Nyrissa prototype, 250mm
Nyrissa prototype, 250mm

When we had our community poll for the companion miniature, our backers decided they want Octavia. While her 30mm minature is still in production, you can preview the 3D model of her here

Nyrissa progress
Nyrissa progress

And if you have pledged for a tier, which includes the 120mm miniature, you'll be receiving this Jabberwock. Behold:


Please be aware that these miniatures are early prototypes and still work in progress. 

And this concludes our preview of some of the physical rewards our community has pledged for. Do you like how they turned out? Let us know in the comments section. And if you want to see a few more images of these fine items, we've prepared a little collection for you online. Some of the pictures in there show additional miniatures on our cloth map. We added them for flavor, they're not part of the pledge rewards.


One more thing - The Localization Beta

If you're one of our beta testers, we'd like to remind you that we've just uploaded a new build on Steam. It contains the prologue and the first chapter of the game with a work in progress version of our localization in German, French, Chinese and Russian. If you're in the beta and you're a native speaker in one of these languages, we'd appreciate your feedback on our translation efforts. You can find more information in the beta testing section of our official forums.

Hail to the Kings!