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"Kingmaker" 10th Anniversary Edition - Help Paizo Reprint the Original Adventure!

Let’s say that you’ve just slain a raging Jabberwock and thought to yourself, “I sure wish I could play the tabletop adventure that inspired the devs to make this!” Or maybe huddling round the fire with Octavia and Amiri and Regongar made you think of sitting down at the gaming table with your friends. You’ve felt the urge to throw dice side by side with your battle-tested comrades and conquer the Stolen Lands together.

Whatever the case, now you may have such an opportunity! The tenth anniversary of the original “Kingmaker” adventure path for tabletop Pathfinder is just around the corner. To celebrate, its authors from Paizo have launched a crowdfunding campaign to run a new print of the legendary source books! And what’s more, they’ve decided to add some of the material from our video game to the new edition. For example, if you support them now, you may unlock Tristian and Nok-Nok companion guides!

The campaign will only run until May 22, so waste no time. Make a pledge, and experience the original adventure that inspired it all!

Here is the link: